Liverpool Property Aid gives back

Iliad are proud to be associated with Liverpool Property Aid, as one of the original founders of this prestigious charity, it gives us great pleasure to give something back to our city and our city’s children.

MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE “I am writing to once again thank everyone at Liverpool Property Aid for supporting the Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool with your generous donation of £15,000, which is being used to fund the under-floor heating, air conditioning, furnishings and equipment for the new conservatory.
At the hospice we work hard to provide the best possible care for people from the surrounding communities.
Each year over 11,120 people use the Liverpool Hospice. We strive to pay particular attention to treating each patient as an individual, tailoring the care that we provide to their specific needs and to those of their families, in comfortable surroundings.
As well as providing care for patients staying in the hospice, we also offer support through our Day Therapy Unit by providing services such as physiotherapy, counselling and financial advice. We could not provide this care without the generosity of our supporters, such as yourselves. This year it will cost us £4.7M to run the hospice, and while almost 50% of these costs will be covered by the NHS we need to raise the remainder ourselves, so you can see why your support is so very valuable to us.”
Jane Wilkinson Area Fundraising Manager
Dated: 22/10/09

VOLUNTEER READING HELP “Thank you so much for your generous donation of £3,285 for the Merseyside Branch of Volunteer Reading Help.
This will fund 3 volunteers for a year, and is greatly appreciated. It will make a huge difference to the present and future lives of 9 disadvantaged children aged 6-11 who are urgently in need of one-to-one literacy support.
It is very touching to know that your charity raises funds through events – please pass on our sincere thanks to all concerned.”
Mary Hogan Trusts Manager
Dated: 13/10/09

“Thank you for your very kind donation of £21,300 for the project which is soon to commence at Zoe’s Place.
I am delighted that you continue to support the work of Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice. Zoe’s Place provides 24 hour respite and palliative care for babies with life limiting or life threatening conditions aged from 0-5 years.
This care is provided free of charge to all those who access our facilities. More information about Zoe’s Place and our various fundraising events may be found on our website
Zoe’s Place relies upon the generosity and support of the public and kind people like you to raise our annual running costs of £750,000 per annum.”
Penny Williams Fundraising and Communications Manager
Dated: 15/10/09

“We were absolutely delighted at Claire House to receive the generous donation of £20,000 from Liverpool Property Aid, to fund the post of a Specialist Paediatric Nurse.
Work at Claire House is very rewarding; it truly is a very special place.  This year we are celebrating our 10th birthday – a year of celebration for us.
Over the last 10 years hundreds of children and their families have received holistic, loving care and, sadly, we have mourned the passing of over 160 children and provided bereavement support for their loved ones.
Just because a child’s time may be limited, their life should not be. It is this ethos which drives our approach at Claire House.
The old fashioned meaning of the word hospice was ‘a place to rest on your journey’. At Claire House we cannot change the end of the story but we can help along the way. On behalf of our children and families, I would like to reiterate our thanks to the Trustees.”
Maureen Ellison Trusts and Legacies Officer
Dated: 15/10/09

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