Layla Hotel, Liverpool – Iliad’s latest project

It’s been more than a hundred years in the making. Now Liverpool’s newest luxury hotel is opening its doors.

They say that good things come to those who wait. For the city of Liverpool, the wait for its newest and most deluxe five-star hotel is about to end, and it will definitely have been worth every moment of anticipation.
Layla is the five star boutique hotel Liverpool has always deserved – the ultimate in modern luxury, yet intensely protective of the city’s historic past. Standing magnificently at the corner of Sir Thomas and Dale Street, Layla is a unique architectural blend, rising from the resplendent forms of two Grade II listed buildings.
One side of Layla consists of the one-time Municipal Annexe, finished in 1833 as the city’s Conservative Club. Another, the former City Education Offices. The project began in 2006, when Liverpool’s own Iliad Group received permission to develop the site. Over the next five years, a careful renovation took place. Most of this was out of the gaze of the public, as invaluable original features were carefully uncovered and restored in the hotel’s interior. With exquisite Victorian details throughout, each space demanded the highest level of craftsmanship.

Leading architects Falconer Chester Hall were invited to create a truly opulent hotel within the existing buildings. The hotel was brought to life step by step, as new wiring, interiors, plasterwork and other elements were added. This was much more than a ‘facelift’, breathing life into Layla‚Äôs very heart. Paul Falconer, partner at the firm, casts light onto just some of the complexities: “We had to stitch together three different structures. There are 30 levels across seven storeys, and you have to create access to them all.”

Iliad, for one, believe that the intense effort will have been more than worthwhile. The award-winning property development firm has always had an abiding interest in inner city regeneration. In fact, it has already transformed several centuries-old structures throughout Liverpool, making stylish new offices, homes and commercial outlets. Collaborating closely with Liverpool’s City Council Conservation Office, Layla is part of Iliad’s close co-operation with the public sector to make Liverpool a better place to live and work.

When it accepts its first guests in early 2012, Layla will be a lavish and distinct mix of the most modern comforts, and the opulence of a bygone age. Friendly, yet tantalising. Open, yet deluxe. Historic, yet looking to the future with confidence. In a way, nothing could be more fitting for this perfect hybrid of the past and the future, and nothing could be a better celebration of Liverpool.

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