The Layla Hotel, Liverpool appoints General Manager

A remarkable luxury hotel needs a remarkable team of people to bring it to life. Fortunately for Liverpool’s newest five star boutique hotel, Layla, it can turn to an exceptional General Manager.
More than any other member of the Layla family, Will Oakley proudly carries the responsibility of making the Layla experience a reality for each and every guest. It’s a role he relishes.

As General Manager, Will leads the talented experts behind Layla’s forthcoming launch this summer. Inspiring every member of the team, and sharing the Layla vision. Building each luxury service, step by step. Always, ensuring the prestigious standards that Liverpool’s hottest new brand deserves. Will already had a track record to boast about before Layla’s originators snapped him up for his impressive new role. In fact, you could call Will a luxury hotel connoisseur. His career began in the hothouse atmosphere of the Savoy Group of Hotels & Restaurants, where he completed their Five Year Management Training Programme.
He quickly rose through various positions, first as an Assistant General Manager at Firmdale Hotels, then as a General Manager in his own right. At each stage, putting into practice the creative vision and analytical ability for which he would become well known. In a few short years, Will had already carved himself a niche as an influential General Manager and Consultant to luxury hotels and groups like The Halcyon, Gastrodome Restaurants, Parkes Hotels in Knightsbridge and Wroxall Abbey. In fact, his rise was so meteoric that he was able to acquire Ditto Group in 2004, lending his very special style to its small chain of establishments. Most recently, Will lead launch teams for the boutique Bermondsey Square Hotel and Ten Manchester Street hotel.

What does it feel like to be the engine behind the much-anticipated launch of Liverpool’s greatest boutique hotel? “Exhilarating. It’s been a while coming, but this is the destination Liverpool has always deserved. It’s hard to describe how much this means to the committed, talented people who work here. We’ve been able to bring jobs to hundreds of local people. Every day, my smile broadens a bit as I see new members of the Layla team coming on board and taking pride in the Layla vision.”
Not that there haven’t been challenges along the way. For one thing, the sympathetic restoration of the Layla has demanded the most careful use of skilled craftsmen and appropriate materials, on a job that could never be rushed. Only the very best would do justice to Layla’s blend of Victorian, Art Deco and up-to-the-minute features.It has taken a keen eye to select the luxury pieces of furniture, and the opulent decoration, that enhances Layla’s sumptuous look and feel. Even with the ‘little’ details – the menus, the towels, the cups for afternoon teas – Will has made sure that every last guest experience and sensation contributes to Layla’s unrivalled atmosphere of sophistication and service.
With Layla’s launch attracting attention from admirers across the region, Will is already turning his thoughts to the longer term. Because, as he describes it succinctly, “The most important thing in the world is giving our guests that perfect ‘Layla’ experience. With each year Layla is open, it’s a friend who gets to know you better, gives you ever-greater comfort, and always gives you more.”

It’s a simple but effective vision – and we think Layla’s guests will unanimously agree with it.

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