Iliad launches NEW apprenticeship scheme, awards Theo Tsiolas with first position

Iliad are pleased to announce their new apprenticeship scheme and awards Theo Tsiolas with the first position as apprentice Operations Manager for the leisure and hospitality side of the business.
This initiative underlines Iliad’s commitment to supporting employment and training across the region, by creating a new generation of practitioners.
“Our apprenticeship scheme is fundamental to building our business and maintaining our reputation for skilled individuals within the hospitality sector. We are extremely pleased to award Theo with the first position; he has demonstrated a keen passion and great determination and will be an asset to the team” – David Anastasiou

Theo has spent the last 5 years in New Zealand where he completed a bachelor’s commerce degree in International Business and Marketing at Auckland University.
“I am thrilled to be awarded the apprenticeship position and am very much looking forward to the challenge of the new role.  I have gained valuable experience overseas from both a practical and theoretical basis and feel this will be a great benefit”, Theo Tsoilas. Theo joins the team on Tuesday 5th April and will spend the next 24 months working in all areas of the leisure operations being mentored and guided by the management teams.”

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